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Taking Time

We need to take time sometimes as it is better to have a great product than a minimum viable product. We cannot discard our clients,

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We spend a lot of resources in all aspects of our life: Natural resources Time resources Patience resources Willingness resources Trust resources We need to

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Step by Step

Even though we want to do everything at the same time. We cannot fall into this trap. I fall many times but each time I

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Client Reviews

Client reviews are essential. All reviews are needed: the great, the good, the bad and awful. Most of your clients read your reviews- 82% of

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Don’t assume you know the other person, does not matter if it is your friend, your client, your supplier, a stranger. Everyone deserves respect. People

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It’s ok to have Fear, I would say Fear it’s needed. I have Fear. Like C. Paolini said: “Without fear there cannot be courage” Fear

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Today is the day…

Today is the day that I will have courage to do difficult work Today is the day that I will start something new Today is

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Have courage to commit. Have courage to be small. Have courage to serve your community. Have courage to be what you want to be. Have

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