Google Business Profile
Suspended/Disabled Reinstatement Service

If you choose to work with me, you will have the most experienced specialist in reinstating suspended and disabled Google Business Profiles on your side, having personally reinstated over 700 listings in the last 12 years (200 in the last year alone).

Because I’ve been awarded Google Business Profile Product Expert status, I have several escalation points available to me for those difficult cases that are eligible but the reinstatement team insists they are not.

I can help you by shoulder some of the stress and burden of the reinstatement process, especially because Google Business Profile Support can be difficult to deal with and they are not allowed to provide much help on suspended/disabled cases.

My guarantees:
- I will refund you the Reinstatement Assistance Service fee If I am not able to reinstate your profile
- If I can't get it reinstate no one else can! That's why I have 99% reinstatement success.

I will personally help you reinstate your profile:

  • find out why your profile was suspended/disabled
  • make sure your profile follows all guidelines (inc. the unpublished ones)
  • gather the correct evidence
  • deal with Google on your behalf
  • escalate for a quick answer from Google


All the reviews are on my Facebook Business Page as I operate 100% online I cannot have a Google Business Profile otherwise I would be violating Google’s guidelines. It would not look good for a GBP product expert 🙂

I will assess your case/issue, speak with you on our video call and create an action plan to resolve the suspended/disabled issue.

Google Business Profile is the top or one of the top marketing channels, so when you have discovered your profile has been suspended or disabled, it’s natural you will worry about the impact on your business. Customers cannot find your contact details, request directions, and especially, if you have collected reviews and you know how difficult it was to get them.


I must say, the earlier I am involved the quicker your profile can get reinstated. Even when Google denies your reinstatement saying your profile is not eligible, I can help you. Through my years of experience, I know all the issues that prevent your profile from being reinstated and what we need to provide Google Support Team to reinstate your profile.


I provide this service to businesses, agencies, and in-house marketing teams.

Main Benefits Using My Service Vs DIY

  • You have higher chances of getting reinstated
  • Get reinstated quicker
  • Having a Google Business Profile Product Expert by your side 


  • I know the right documentation we need to send for your specific case
  • What changes we need to make to your profile to make it compliant with the guidelines
  • Advise on changes to your business to make it eligible to show on Google
  • In 2019, I was awarded Google Product Expert  status, one of the benefits is access to a special escalation channel:
    • Quicker responses from Google than dealing directly with the normal Google Support
    • Profiles are reinstated quicker than the average

GBP Reinstatement Service
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