Google Business Profile
Suspended Or Disabled Reinstatement Service

Get Your Business Profile Back Online As Soon As Possible

I can help you find what are the issues, make the changes and deal with Google on your behalf.

We know Google Business Profile is the top or one of the top marketing channels to generate leads for your business, so when you have discovered your profile has been suspended or disabled, it’s natural you will worry about the impact on your business.


I have been helping Business Owners and Professionals reinstate their Google Business Profiles for over 10 years. During this time, I helped reinstate over 500 suspended/disabled Google Business profiles (Google My Business), from micro-enterprises to multinationals in the US, UK, Canada, and Australia.


Even though I cannot guarantee reinstatement, my success rate is over 98% (the highest in the industry).


I  must say, the earlier I am involved the quicker your profile can get reinstated. Even when Google denies your reinstatement saying your profile is not eligible, I can help you. Through my years of experience, I know all the issues that prevent your profile from being reinstated and what we need to provide Google Support Team to reinstate your profile.

Unfortunately, I know many cases where the right procedure was not followed, and only after I intervened the profiles were finally reinstated:


Did you know there are at least 75 reasons/issues that can suspend/disable a profile? Not allowing your profile to be reinstated by Google if not corrected.


I will personally assess your case/issue, speak with you and create an action plan to resolve the suspended/disabled status.


I provide this service to businesses, agencies, and in-house marketing teams.

Now the good news, 9 out of 10 profiles reinstated get their ranking back within 2 weeks after reinstatement

Also, they keep their reviews and photos!

Google Business Profile
Suspended Or Disabled Reinstatement Service

The service is split into 2 stages to give you complete control over how you wish to proceed.

Case Assessment & Consultation

  • Research Your Case:
    • I will ask you some questions
    •  Look at your profile against 75 issues/infractions against Google’s quality guidelines.
    •  Prepare for the call and have all the resources and notes to discuss with you
  • Video Call Meeting, during which we will:
    • Discuss the issues with your Google Business Profile
    • Go through your questions discuss the issues with your Google Business Profile and go over the plan of action.
    • Answer all questions you have
  • PDF Report with a plan of action and guidance
  • I will make changes in your Google Business Profile to make it compliant

Reinstatement Assistance Service

  • Request reinstatement
  • Appeal denied reinstatement
  • Escalate cases
  • Deal with Google on your behalf

GBP Reinstatement Service
Request Form

How it Works

  1. Fill out the GBP Reinstatement Service Request Form as detailed as possible
  2. I will send:
    • Instructions to add me as a user to your profile(s)
    • Appointment time and date options for the Video Consultation to go through the report and action plan
    • Send questions to help me assess your case
  3. Upon agreement and 1st stage payment (Assessment & Consultation), I will send you confirmation.
  4. We have our Video Consultation to go through the report and action plan to reinstate your profile(s)
  5. Second stage, Reinstatement Action Plan Service.  If you require me to take over the process and help get your profile reinstate and deal directly with Google.
  6. I will send regular updates until the issue is fixed, If there are more questions I will contact you.
  7. Your profile gets reinstated