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Reinstatement Service

With this service, you’ll have a seasoned professional on your side (with a few gray hairs already) who was awarded Google Business Profile Product Expert status by Google in 2019. You will benefit from my experience and knowledge to reinstate your Google Business Profile.

It’s a stressful time, and maybe there’s a weight on your shoulder – calls are down, leads are down. You need someone who knows what to do, someone you can trust to guide you through this challenging process.


Professor M is my nickname,  I started using it as my brand in 2019.  At the time, I sold my agency to focus on creating the most in-depth course/guide for Google My Business (name at the time) and Local SEO, so the nickname fitted like a glove.

Although, after a few months, I decided to continue doing consulting work, but I kept the brand.


My name is Goncalo Matthews, I’ve been doing local SEO for 15 years and specialist in Google Business Profile (formerly Google My Business, Google Local, Google Business +, etc., Google likes to change the name often…) for the last 12.


I’m one of 2 people in the world who have personally dealt with over 700 cases of suspended and disabled profiles, so I know the process inside and out – the evidence required, the hidden rules, and how and where to escalate.



Why pay for the reinstatement service when Google Business Profile is free?

While it’s true that setting up a Google Business Profile is free, investing in a professional service like mine offers numerous advantages that can significantly impact your business’s success:


– You must calculate the “cost/value” of your Google Business Profile’s valuable assets such as reviews, photos, and age ranking signals. Creating a new profile means losing all of these valuable assets. So it should be the very last resort.


– As a Google Business Profile Product Expert with over 12 years of specialization in this field, I possess in-depth knowledge and hands-on experience with various business profiles. I have encountered and successfully resolved numerous challenges related to suspension or disabled status.


–  Navigating with Google’s processes, requirements, and policies can be confusing and time-consuming


–  I will guide you through the intricacies of reinstating your profile, ensuring that all necessary steps are taken and critical information is provided to increase your chances of success.


– There are also those cases where brand new profiles get suspended after verification, especially in categories like locksmiths, lawyers, garage door services, HVAC businesses. You need an expert in these cases to help you prove the authenticity of your business and effectively reinstate your profile.


So in summary, you pay for someone like me to take over the process and help you make sense of Google’s nonsense and poor support.


How much?

It’s perhaps the most affordable among the top experts and to be even more affordable to more businesses my service has 2 stages:  the assessment and report with action plan; and the reinstatement assistance service.


My service first stage offers specialized case assessment with report and action plan, it will tell what was the probable cause of the suspension and other issues with your profile that may prevent from reinstatement. I will also indicate what needs to be done, the evidence required for your case, and the next steps. It’s useful even if you’ve recently submitted the reinstatement request and are waiting for a response, because we have the opportunity to prepare the profile before Google reviews the request.


You can then decide whether you want to follow the prescribed steps, or opt for my reinstatement assistance service.


If you opt for the reinstatement assistance service, I’ll take over the process and I’ll apply for the reinstatement, appeal any denials, or even escalate stubborn cases.


Each stage only costs $125.



It’s unlikely that I will not be able to reinstate your Google Business Profile, but in small number of  cases, your profile’s suspension can be flagged by Google for whatever reason as a permanent suspension.


So in permanent suspension cases, unfortunately, you’ll need to create a new profile.


I believe the fairest thing to do is to offer you something valuable for free, my  GBP Optimization service worth $399 !!!!


I will optimize the new profile and give you tips for further ongoing optimization, I’ll also help you with any issues you may have in creating and verifying the new profile.

GBP Optimization Service

  • Google Business Profile Audit
  •  Google Business Profile Optimizations Advice
  • GBP Ranking Audit & Advice
  • GBP Optimization – Business Details
  • GBP Optimization – Features
  • GBP 121 Video Call
  • Easy To Read Report

So for you would get a service that costs $399 and more importantly your profile will be optimized from the start!


All the reviews are on my Facebook Business Page as I operate 100% online I cannot have a Google Business Profile otherwise I would be violating Google’s guidelines. It would not look good for a GBP product expert 🙂

You are not going to be dealing with my “team”, you are going to be dealing directly with me!

 I will personally help you reinstate your suspended/disabled profile.


  • Make sure your profile follows all the guidelines (inc. the unpublished guidelines)
  • Advise you on the correct evidence to provide to Google
  • Create a customized action plan
  • If you require, I’ll liaise with Google on your behalf and I can escalate the most difficult cases

- 99% reinstatement success rate and 100% success rate over the past 12 months.
- If you use my full service, in the rare occasion that your profile has been red flagged and cannot be reinstated, I will offer for free my optimization service ($399 in value!) of a new profile.

Google Business Profile
Suspended Or Disabled Reinstatement Consultancy

The service consists of 2 stages to give you complete control over how you wish to proceed.

GBP Profile Expert Reinstatement Assessment With Action Plan


$125 per profile


With this service, you will have the “tools” to confidently submit the reinstatement request yourself, or you can leave it in my hands and proceed with the Reinstatement Assistance Service, as dealing with Google Business Profile Support can be frustrating and time-consuming.

  • I’ll fully assess your case
  • Direct contact
  • Report with a plan of action and guidance.
  • Make changes to your Google Business Profile to bring it into compliance

Once I have access to your profile and payment is received I will begin the assessment and I aim to deliver the assessment and the action plan within 24-48 hours (weekdays).


 GBP Profile Expert Reinstatement Assistance Service*


$125 per profile


  • Request reinstatement on your behalf
  • Appeal denied reinstatement
  • Escalate cases ( I have access to multiple escalation points that can help me resolve even the most difficult cases)
  • Liaise throughout the process with Google on your behalf


In the unlikely event I am not able to reinstate your profile as it has been flagged with a permanent suspension. I will provide for free my GBP Optimization Service towards a new profile.

*Not a standalone service, only available in conjunction with the GBP Profile Expert Reinstatement Assessment With Action Plan.

GBP Reinstatement Service
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