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I received an email from Google Business Profile advising “Your Business Profile has been suspended” and reason was “because the address shown in your profile doesn’t match the physical location of the business”. What to do?

This means that your profile has been suspended due to a change in your address, or Google believes that your business address is incorrect.

In the email, you can see the reasons in detail:

  • Your Business Profile must show the correct address
  • Don’t add a business address that customers cannot visit
  • P.O. boxes and virtual offices are not considered business locations
  • Your business location should be staffed during its stated hours
  • Postal-only addresses are not considered to be accurate physical addresses

Basically if your address is in a co-working space, virtual office, near a UPS store or if you have recently moved and the “online information” still shows a different address.

To help you reinstate your Google Business Profile follow this steps in How to Fix A Suspended Google Business Profile. Be sure to fix the address issue before requesting reinstatement, or provide proof of the new address if you have moved.

I can help you! I am a Google Business Profile Product Expert and a specialist in reinstating suspended/disabled profiles and have reinstated over 700 listings in the last 12 years, I am here to help you!

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