My Google Business Profile Suspended: Flagged For Suspicious Activity or Due To Quality Issues

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My Google Business Profile Suspended: Flagged For Suspicious Activity or Due To Quality Issues

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Your business profile on Google has been unfortunately suspended, and the reason for the suspension normally is only “due to quality issues” or “suspicious activity”, if you are on Google Business Profile Manager, or “this profile doesn’t follow the guidelines”, if you are on Google Search Dashboard.

Therefore in this article, I will explore the “Suspended” alert messages from Google and the most common reasons for a profile suspension.

Main Suspended Messages from Google

  • Suspended for suspicious activity:
    • “Your listing has been suspended because it was flagged for suspicious activity”
    • “This location has been suspended because it was flagged for suspicious activity”
    • or “Your Business profile on Google has been suspended because it was flagged for suspicious activity”
  • Suspended due to quality issues:
    • “Your listing has been suspended due to quality issues”
    • “This location has been suspended due to quality issues”
    • “Your profile has been suspended due to quality issues”
  • Suspended because this profile doesn’t follow the guidelines:
    • “Your business is not visible” followed by “Your access has been suspended because this profile doesn’t follow the guidelines. Edit your business info and learn how to regain access”

What do they mean?

Your Business Profile Listing has been suspended because it was flagged for suspicious activity

Why was your Google Business Profile flagged for suspicious activity?

Normally this type of suspension is due to:

  • Certain Profile Edits (Business name, Address, Service Area Businesses, Phone number, Category)
  • Several Edits were made in one single section and it does not matter which edits were
  • Owner’s Google Account was suspended

Your Business Profile Listing has been suspended due to quality issues or doesn’t follow the guidelines

Why was your Google Business Profile suspended due to quality issues?

Normally, this type of suspension is due to:

  • Google Algorithm signalized issues with your  profile, most of the time because:
    • Finds conflicting information about your business on the web (directories, Social Networks, your website)
    • Identifies your address as residential address, co-working space, PO Box, UPS Store, Virtual address
    • Found duplicates (How to find and remove duplicates)
  • User(s) reported the listing on Google through the “Suggest an edit” feature – Algorithm suspension if it thinks reporting is justified
  • User(s) reported through redressal form – Manual suspension by a Support Agent

Main Suspension Reasons That Gets Your Google Business Profile Suspended

  • Keyword stuffing your business name.
  • Using a P.O. Box or UPS store address.
  • You set up your listing at a virtual office or co-working space address.
  • You have a service-area business and are displaying a physical address.
  • You have an online-only business.
  • You are in a high-risk business category, like lawyers, plumbers, HVAC, locksmiths, rehab centers, etc.
  • If another business shares the same address.
  • You have made a bunch of changes/edits to your GMB profile in one sitting.
  • The URL you add to your GMB profile forwards/redirects to another website or links to a social media page.
  • If you change your listing from a Storefront to a Service Area Business (SAB).
  • Your address or hours don’t match what is listed on your website or other online business directories/citations.
  • You list your business hours as 24/7.
  • An owner user (sometimes a manager) on your profile got their Account suspended – so your listing got suspended because they got suspended.
  • You created multiple listings for the same business at the same address (duplicate listings).
  • Photos, Posts, Services, Business Description spammy or against Google’s policies.

Google does not advise the reasons why your business was suspended

Part of the anxiety of a Google Business Profile suspension is that Google doesn’t tell owners why their profile was suspended. Even if you contact support asking for the reasons.

Normally they tell you to go through the guidelines and try to figure it out by yourself the why.

Google’s advice on how to resolve the business profile suspended issue

Google Business Profile’s support article only advises:

  1. Review the Google Business Profile guidelines
  2. Ensure your profile follows the guidelines.
  3. After your profile meets guidelines, you can ask for reinstatement

and if it is denied, you can appeal but does not tell you how.

Note: Even though the reinstatement process can be very frustrating, please note, you should never: remove the profile from the dashboard (you will lose all the reviews); create a new profile (high chances of getting suspended, even if Google support tells you to do it); or submit multiple reinstatements yourself (will only delay your case).

Google Business Suspension and Reinstatement Help

So not much help from Google… and the worst part is if you fill the reinstatement questionnaire and/or the form incorrectly, it can be months before your profile is reinstated or may never get reinstated, unfortunately. I know many cases where this has happened, unfortunately.

If you wish, I can help you! I provide a specialist but affordable Google Business Profile Suspended Or Disabled Reinstatement Service, helping Business Owners and Professionals reinstate their Google Business Profiles. The longer your business is not on Google, the worse the impact on your revenue and business.

Just as peace of mind, I can tell you that I helped reinstate over 500 suspended/disabled profiles (some of them were part of chains) in the past 10 years, even though I cannot guarantee reinstatement, my success rate is over 98%.


Google Business Profile Suspension After Reinstatement Issue

Some businesses are getting suspended, reinstated, and then immediately suspended again, so in a “Suspension/Reinstatement Loop”. Leaving users unable to request a new reinstatement as Support thinks you have filed a reinstatement request… Several businesses have been suspended for over 2 months and counting.

This is a known technical issue. Google is aware and working on fixing it.

What can you do?

Contact Google Business Profile Support about this issue, I have a template on the guide you can use if you are member.


How long does a Google Business Profile suspension last?

Forever, if you don’t request reinstatement.

How long does Google take to reinstate a suspended business profile after submitting the reinstatement form?

My client cases normally take on average less than a week. Depends on how busy Google is or if your profile is still not within the guidelines and needs to appeal after reinstatement is denied. It was supposed for Google to review and respond within 3 days however, at the moment they are taking 2–3 weeks on average.

What can I do if Google denied my business reinstatement request?

You can appeal if Google denies reinstating your business profile. I can help you check your profile and appeal on your behalf.

How do I get unsuspended from Google?

You need to check if your profile is breaking any Google Business Profile guidelines and then ask for reinstatement by submitting the reinstatement request form.

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