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Training and supporting material is delivered through videos, articles, step by step instructions, cheat sheets to help you "turbo-charge" your business, your listing, your local marketing initiatives. Thousands of hours were and are spent developing and updating the Empower Initiative

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Professional secrets

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Lifetime Option with free updates forever

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Step by Step instructions

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Best Google My Business Training

You will have access to both Training Pathways

Google My Business Course

If you are starting a Google My Business Listing or you wish to go through all the steps from setup to full optimization

Google My Business Training Guide

This you will be your day to day guide for Google My Business. You can check here all the different sections, specific elements, updates, categories, issue resolution tutorials

We made the onboarding process very simple, there are only 2 steps:


You request access to Google My Business Empower

Just click on the orange button below to go to the request form. After you send your request to access GMB Empower, we will send an email confirmation with payment links so you can pay through Stripe or Paypal, for payment security.


You gain access to the training

After we receive your payment, we will create a client account for you and send an email with access details and the invoice/receipt for your records.


Why do you have to fill a request form to get access, instead of having buttons for you to make a payment and gain access straight away? We do this for two reasons:

- We are in Ireland, a country part of the European Union, we have to obey certain rules for VAT. If the process is fully automated, we would have to charge VAT to clients in some countries (VAT eServices). By not being fully automated, we will charge Ireland's VAT: 0% for professional training. Consequently, our clients will not need to pay any VAT.

- We want businesses/professionals to really want to use our "labour of love". By creating "attrition" on the sale side, we will sell less but we will sell to fully committed individuals.

GMB Empower Price

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I’m adding the last finishing touches.

I expect to release it in the 1st Half of 2021.

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