My Google My Business listing is been disabled so how do I go live

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My Google My Business listing is been disabled so how do I go live

Many questions about Google My Business Disabled Status in the last few days in the Google My Business Help Community Forum.


Do you see the “Disabled” notice: “This location is disabled because it contains errors or doesn’t comply with formatting guidelines. Contact support to get this location back on Google Maps.” – as per below image:

This issue is actually the same as the suspension notice issue but it is applied to businesses profiles normally not live yet (waiting for verification or just verified). This is what Google says about disabled Business Profiles: “When a profile violates our guidelines, it’s disabled, which means the public can’t access the profile anymore.

How to fix a disabled Google My Business Profile:

In summary, you need to :

  1. Review the Google My Business guidelines.
  2. Sign in to Google My Business, then review your profile to comply with the guidelines.
  3. After you’re sure your locations comply with our guidelines, you can submit a request for their reinstatement.

I shall create a more comprehensive guide.

Hope it helps

Professor M


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