How To Fix Google Business Profile Disabled

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How To Fix Google Business Profile Disabled

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If you are reading this article, sadly your Google Business Profile access has been disabled, because Google thinks your business is not eligible for a Business Profile.

Either you have received an email from Google notifying you of this, or you have seen the disabled notice on your Google Business Profile dashboard: “your access has been disabled because this profile doesn’t follow the guidelines. edit your business info, and learn how to regain access.”

This is probably the best guide to getting your business profile reinstated. I talk about the reasons why Google disabled your Google Business Profile and how to fix a Google Business Profile Disabled. Even how to appeal if your reinstatement request is denied and frequently asked questions so you know everything you need to know to resolve this issue.

Notice on your Google Business Profile:

“Your business is not visible to customers”, followed by “Your access has been disabled because this profile doesn’t follow the guidelines. Edit your business info, and learn how to regain access. Learn more” – similar to the image below:

Google Business Profile Search  Dashboard Disabled Message: "Your business is not visible to customers", followed by  "Your access has been disabled because this profile doesn’t follow the guidelines. Edit your business info, and learn how to regain access"
Google Business Profile Disabled Message

Email From Google:

The email starts with “Your business profile has been disabled” and then includes the reason your profile was disabled and the violation type. In the example below, the reason is “your business is not eligible for a Business Profile” and the violation type is “This Business Profile has been removed by Google”, “Learn more about our restriction policy”

Google Business Profile Disabled Email

Decoding the above notice/email, it means Google found something in your Google Business Profile that violates or potentially violates their guidelines, and with the disabled status your profile is not visible on Google Search and Maps.

Why was your Google Business Profile disabled?

This is what Google says about disabled Business Profiles: “When a profile violates our guidelines, it’s disabled, which means the public can’t access the profile anymore.

This issue is similar to the suspended profile issue but it is applied normally by Google AI when it doubts your business is real. Sometimes, it happens to businesses profiles normally waiting for verification.

The main reasons are:

  • Finds conflicting information about your business on the web (directories, Social Networks, your website)
  • Issues with your business name
  • Issues with your address
  • Spammy business category
  • Found duplicates

In total, there are at least 75 reasons/issues that can disable a Google Business Profile. Not allowing your profile to be reinstated by Google. Please note, Google does not advise the reasons why your business was disabled, even if you ask:

How To Reinstate a Disabled Google Business Profile

  1. Check the Google Business Profile guidelines.
  2. Review your Google Business Profile information to make sure it complies with the guidelines and make any necessary changes to make it compliant.
  3. After you’re sure your location(s) comply with the guidelines, you need to use the reinstatement form.

Screenshots of the Disabled Reinstatement Process:

Step 1 – Check the Google Business Profile guidelines

Step 2 – Review your Google Business Profile information to make sure it complies with the guidelines and make any necessary changes to make it compliant.

Google My Business Sign in Screen

Step 3 – Use the reinstatement form

screenshot of Google Business Profile Reinstatement Form Request for suspended and disabled cases


  • Even though the reinstatement process can be very frustrating, please note, you should never: remove the profile from the dashboard (you will lose all the reviews); create a new profile (high chances of getting suspended); and contact support multiple times or submit multiple reinstatements yourself (will only delay your case).
  • Google advises that currently they will review and respond to your reinstatement request within 2 weeks.

Important: This process will be deprecated in the coming weeks/months. New Reinstatement Process»

Google Business Profile Disabled Fix Alternative

Unfortunately, Google Support will not tell you what is the issue or issues that disabled your business profile. Also, if you don’t fix the issue and provide the correct evidence for your business type Google may refuse to reinstate your profile.

But I can help you! I am a Google Business Profile Product Expert and a specialist in reinstating suspended/disabled profiles and having reinstated over 700 listings in the last 12 years.

Even when Google denies your reinstatement saying your profile is not eligible, I may be able to help you. Through my years of experience, I know all the issues that prevent your profile from being reinstated and what we need to provide Google Support Team to reinstate your profile.

How To Appeal A Denied Reinstatement Of A Disabled Google Business Profile?

Appeal Process:

  • Double-check your suspended business profile against the guidelines and correct any issues.
  • Reply to the denial email:
    • Request to appeal
    • Describe your business operations
    • Attach photos of your business front or vehicle

You be able to find more on this article about the appeal process.

You should receive a response to your appeal within 24-72 hours, sometimes they will reply by asking you to contact the specialist team.

Disabled Google Business Profile FAQ

How long does a Google Business Profile disabled status last?

Forever, if you don’t request reinstatement.

How long does Google take to reinstate a disabled business profile after submitting the reinstatement form?

Google advises within 2 weeks. My client cases normally take on average less than a week, sometimes next day. Depends on how busy Google is or if your profile is still not within the guidelines and need to appeal if reinstatement is denied.

What can I do if Google denied my business reinstatement request?

You can appeal if Google denies reinstating your disabled business profile. I can help you check your profile and appeal on your behalf.

How do I fix a disabled Google business account?

You need to check if your profile is breaking any Google Business Profile guidelines and then ask for reinstatement by submitting the reinstatement request form.

Can I delete my disabled Google business account and start over?

You should not delete your Google Business profile, as you will lose your reviews, photos, etc., and if you create a new profile, it will likely be suspended. More on this article: Should you create a new Google Business Profile after getting disabled.

Why my access has been disabled because this profile doesn’t follow the guidelines?

The reason is that Google doesn’t believe your profile is compliant. Or that the business even exists.

Google rejected my request to reinstate my disabled profile

If this is the case, Google will notify you that your profile is not eligible. Read this article to understand what you can do if Google denies your reinstatement.

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