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I have been a Local SEO & Google Business Profile (Google My Business) Consultant and Expert since 2007 (over 15 years of experience) and have carried out management services and consultancy work around the world (mainly in the US, UK, Canada, Australia) for businesses of various sizes from micro-enterprises to multinationals.



To connect more with clients, I sold my agency and decided to provide consultancy, training, and support service 100% performed by me. I personally study your case/issue, speak with you and create a plan of action to be implemented.



Along with my extensive knowledge and experience, I use specialist software and tools during case research, and for those non-conventional and tricky cases, I am very fortunate to have very “well-connected” and “wise” industry friends whom I can turn for advice.



I work with SMEs, agencies, and in-house marketing teams.



For SMEs, my fee is affordable and fixed for the whole work (and not by the hour).

As even small or one-person businesses should be able to access a top consultant.


For Agencies and In-House marketing, my fee is a special hourly rate as it will not matter the number of locations or issues.

I will always advise beforehand how many hours I should take to give certainty.

Marketing Qualifications Professor M includes logos of universities, google and other institutes

I provide advice on any type of issues or questions about Local SEO and Google Business Profile (Google My Business):


It is not a "one-hour consultation" type of consultation, it's a fixed rate that will cover:

- Research Your Case - I may ask questions to prepare for the call and have all the resources and notes to discuss with you

- 60 min Video Call to go through your questions and discuss anything you want

- Send you a report of everything that was discussed and an overview of solutions/resolutions

Most cases take me more than 2 hours of research, but I want to provide you with cost certainty.

How it Works

  1. On the form below choose “Clinic Consultation”
  2. Fill out the Client Intake Form as detailed as possible
  3. I will send you appointment time and date options.
  4. Upon agreement and payment, I will send you confirmation.
  5. I will research your case.
  6. If there are more questions I will contact you before we go ahead with the consultation
  7. We have our 60-minute Video Call 
  8. Send a detailed report of everything that was discussed and an overview of solutions/resolutions

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Consulting Services

- Google My Business Clinic Consultation

I will provide advice, expert opinion, analysis, and recommendations on any queries you have about Google My Business:

  • Questions about GMB Features, Metrics, Need to understand the new Dashboard and Insights
  • Google My Business Listing Review for Local ranking issues – Optimizations and Ranking Advice after a Summary Audit of your profile
    • does not include audit and optimizations report, so for in-depth audit with report, check the audit services
  • Issues Suspension, Verification, Claiming a Verified, Duplicates, Merge, Transfer Reviews, Make edits, etc
  • Spam Fighting 
The Clinic Consultation encompasses:
– Research Your Case – I may ask questions and prepare all the material and notes to discuss with you
– 60 min Video Call to discuss  and respond to anything you want
– Send you a report of everything was discussed and a overview of solutions/resolutions

129/149/179 60 min video call

85/99/119 for an email consultation

- Hands-on Assistance Help Desk

I will personally take over of the process of the task on hand.




Creation and Optimization of a New Profile  – I will personally create and optimized a new profile 

-259/ 299/355


Issue Resolution (1 profile) – I will personally take control of process and guide you through all issue resolution stages


Profile Suspension


Claiming a Verified Profile

Merging and Duplicate Removal trouble dealing with duplicate listings




Full Audit + Optimizations report GMB and local seo for 1 profile + 60 min video call



 audit optimizations report GMB and local seo + Implementation of GMB Optimizations for 1 profile + 60 min video call

Has your business page has been suspended



How your Google Business Page can work better for your business