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Ads are getting more expensive, Facebook is not the best platform for local businesses to get new clients and there is an increase in local competition on Google. So issues with suspensions, spam and how to use Google Business Profile is more important than ever. If you want to know how an expert resolve issues and increase clients’ Google ranking, sales, and customers, then GBPedia is for you.

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Some of the things you will find in the guide:

  • How to create a profile that will stand out
  • Get a business profile verified
  • How to fully optimize the business profile on Google
  • Tips and tactics used by me and other Local SEO Experts
  • How to manage, remove/add users, task lists
  • How to use Google Business Profile engagement features and other special features to attract more customers and capture more sales.
  • What are the ranking factors, how the local algorithm works, and create strategies that help  Google Business Profiles rank higher
  • How to optimize your GBP for clicks and leads, as being first is not as important as getting that important click/lead.
  • How to get more reviews, remove reviews, and respond to reviews scripts
  • How to resolve issues (Suspension, Duplication, Merging, etc) and what to do in different case scenarios
  • Cheatsheets, Optimization Lists, and other resources
Gary H.
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From start to finish the guide was so easy to follow and everything was expertly explained. I couldn't recommend this guide highly enough.
Raina L.
Read More
I really enjoyed the Guide. I thought I knew about GMB just from setting up my own business but there are several additional factors to consider. Highly recommend.
Adam K.
Read More
Always super comprehensive and always brings things together in a digestible way
Catherine J.
Read More
I used this guide to round out gaps in my knowledge and I was not disappointed. It was a great help. Thank you! Practical and informative.
Maddie F.
Read More
I really love this guide. Simple and step by step. So, thank you for this knowledge 🙂
Jon E.
Read More
Everything about Google My Business was explained very well.
Lillian S.
Read More
This is a great guide if you want to understand how Google my business works, how to create a GMB account, and how to optimize your account to benefit your business. I am familiar with different digital marketing methods but not Google My Business. So, this guide was very informative and helpful. I also appreciate all the extra tips.
Carol H.
Read More
This guide does a great job of presenting all the actions required to make a big difference in rankings in a succinct way. It also has a few tips I hadn't heard of before as well as tools.
Isabel L.
Read More
This is a really complete on GMB SEO Guide. I am very happy I opted in... I now know a lot more. Thank you!
Abdul A
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I truly enjoyed this guide! It's interactive and I truly learned a lot to implement in my marketing and own business. I would highly recommend this guide to anyone wanting to level up their knowledge about GMB!
Heather L.
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This is an awesome guide. Tons of helpful information.
Alexia v.
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Very informative and easy to follow!
Saleel B.
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The suggestions in this guide are absolutely GOLD!!! I can say that with utmost certainty, cuz I've implemented them, and already seen a considerable improve in the rankings! Thank you for such an amazing guide.
Jorge S.
Read More
Before this guide I had no knowledge of Google My Business. I had just previously searched on Google personally. The Guide was structured to show the journey from start to finish of setting up a Google My Business Listing ie set up, optimise and check rankings and performance. Thank you again!
Heguel R.
Read More
Great guide, not only for beginners but for anyone that wants his/hers local business to succeed. Many great insights! You can actually implement what you learn straight away and feel confident that great results will come! Thank you so much!
Terri M.
Read More
I wanted to get detailed information on “Google My Business”. This guide provides all the specifics I was looking for.
Muhammad A.
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Really great information on getting into the 3 pack, seo tips, and much more
Paul V.
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It was exactly what I wanted, very detailed and comprehensive.

Created by a Real Google Business Profile Expert

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Google Business Profile Training Course

Google Business Profile
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If you are starting a Google Business Profile (Google My Business) or you wish to go through all the steps from setup to optimization of a profile.

Google Business Profile
Optimization For Results Course (Part 2)

This course will guide you through optimization of a Google Business Profile for better rankings and improve your click to rate and the number of leads/customers

Why you should consider GBPedia

It is packed with professional tips and secrets to exponentially improve your chances of getting into the top of the local search on Google, like these examples:
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Florist Galway Google Local Search Pack and Organic Search

With GBPedia, you will:
- learn how to manage, optimize Google Business Profile, and resolve issues, whether you are new to Google Business Profile or already a seasoned Local SEO Professional looking to refresh your knowledge.
- have access to great resources that will keep you up-to-date with the latest news, updates, trends, and tactics.

It saves you precious time looking for answers and best practices on sites, forums, youtube, etc, and keeps you updated with the latest.

The time saved, the knowledge acquired and the resources available can be used to serve your clients better, get more clients and retain those clients.

Goncalo Mateus (Professor M)

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  • Comprehensive Google Business Profile Resources
  • GBPedia Google (My) Business Profile Guide
  • GBPedia Google (My) Business Profile Start and Optimization Courses
  • GBPedia Local Intelligence Service
  • GBPedia Exclusive Community Resources
  • Content Request/Feedback Form
  • Created by a Professional Google Business Profile & Local SEO Expert
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Exclusive Resources
$ 50 1 Year Access | No Automatic Renewal
  • Comprehensive Google Business Profile Resources
  • GBPedia Google (My) Business Profile Guide
  • GBPedia Google (My) Business Profile Start and Optimization Courses
  • GBPedia Local Intelligence Service
  • GBPedia Exclusive Community Resources
  • Content Request/Feedback Form
  • Created by a Professional Google Business Profile & Local SEO Expert
  • No Sneaky Automatic Renewal, you will only renew if you want

GBPedia Google (My) Business Profile Guide Content

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Google Business Profile Intro, Setup & Verification


  • Introduction
  • Google Business Profile Facts
  • Live Google Search Google Business Profile Tour
  • Live Google Map Google Business Profile Tour
  • Google Business Profile Manager Tour

GBP Setup Process

  • Google Business Profile Setup Process Intro
  • Check if you already have a profile or create a new one
  • How to claim a Google Business Profile if someone already claimed it
  • Creating a Google Business Profile Account
  • “Find and manage your business” Step
  • “Start building your Business Profile” Step
  • Address/Business Type
  • Storefront Business Setup Path
  • Service Area Business Setup Path
  • Hybrid Business Setup
  • Verification Step and Customization Step
  • Google Business Profile Setup FAQ
  • Google Business Profile Setup Issues

GBP Verification

  • Verification Options
  • You requested a postcard, what will happen next
  • Where to put the verification code
  • What to do if you don’t receive the verification code
  • Verification FAQ
  • Verification Issues

Google Business Profile Business Details

Info Section Intro

  • Info Section Intro Notes

Business Name

  • What Business Name you should use
  • Adding Keywords to your GBP Business Name
  • How to Change The Business Name On GBP
  • Business names and Individual Practitioners
  • Business Name Issues
  • Business Name FAQ


  • What Are Google Business Profile Categories?
  • How to choose your Google Business Profile Categories
  • The Category is not available
  • How to Add or Edit Categories
  • Categories Tips and Strategies
  • Google Business Profile Categories FAQ
  • Google Business Profile Categories Issues


  • Business Address Intro
  • Address Guidelines
  • How to Add or Edit Your Address
  • If Your Address Cannot Be Found
  • How to Clear The address To Hide It
  • Located In Feature
  • How To Change Map Pin Location on Google Maps
  • How Can The Address Influence Your Profile Ranking?
  • Google Business Profile Address Issues
  • GBP Address FAQ

Service Areas

  • Service Areas
  • Service Areas Guidelines
  • How To Add One or More Service area(s)
  • How to Remove One or More Service Area
  • Service Areas and Ranking
  • Service Areas FAQ
  • Services Areas Issues
  • Services Areas Extras, Optimizations and Tips

GBP Hours

  • Hours, More & Special Hours Intro
  • “Hours” – Operating hours
  • How to Add/Change Hours
  • How to Set Breaks
  • How to Set Up 24-hour Business Hours
  • “More Hours”
  • How to Set “More hours”
  • “Special Hours and Holidays”
  • How to use Special hours
  • By Appointment Only Hours
  • Hours, More hours and Special Hours Extras, Optimizations and Tips
  • Hours, More hours and Special Hours FAQ
  • Hours, More hours and Special Hours Issues

Phone Number

  • Phone Numbers
  • Phone Number Guidelines
  • How to Add and Change Phone number(s)
  • Phone Number Extras, Optimizations and Tips
  • Phone Number FAQ
  • Phone Number Issues

Short Name

  • Short name

Local Links

  • Local Links
  • Website Link and How To Add /Edit
  • Action Local Links: Appointment, Menu, Order, Reservations Links
  • Place an Order Links
  • Local Links Extras, Optimizations and Tips
  • Local Links FAQ
  • Local Links Issues


  • Google Business Profile Attributes
  • Objective Attributes (Editable)
  • Subjective Attributes
  • Attributes Extras, Optimizations and Tips
  • Attributes FAQ
  • Attributes Issues

Business Description

  • Business Description
  • Business Description Guidelines
  • Business Description Extras, Optimizations, Tips
  • How to Add/Edit Business Description
  • Business Description Issues

Opening Date

  • Opening Date
  • How to Set Opening Date
  • Years in Business Feature
  • Using Opening Date Before Opening The Business

Close Reopen Section

  • Close/Reopen this business on Google Section
  • Mark As Temporarily Closed
  • Mark As Permanently Closed
  • Mark As Open
  • Remove Listing

Google Assistant

  • Google Assistant Calls

Advanced Information

  • Advanced Information

Google Business Profile Photos and Videos

Photos & Videos Intro

  • Photos, Videos and Google Business Profile
  • Photos Types


  • Logo
  • Logo Guidelines and Size Recommendation
  • How to Add/Change the Logo
  • Logo Extras, Optimizations and Tips
  • Logo FAQ
  • Logo Issues

Cover Photo

  • Cover Photo
  • Cover Photo Guidelines and Recommendations
  • How to add/change the Cover Photo
  • Cover Photo Extras, Optimizations and Tips
  • Cover Photo FAQ
  • Cover Photo Issues 

Business Photos

  • GBP Business-specific Photos
  • Business Photos Guidelines and Recommendations
  • How to Add/Upload Business Photos
  • Business Photos Extras, Optimizations and Tips
  • Business Photos FAQ
  • Business Photos Issues
  • Photo Insights/Metrics
  • How to Get Customer to Upload Photos


  • Videos on Google Business Profile
  • Video Guidelines and Recommendations
  • How to Add/Upload Videos
  • Video Extras, Optimizations and Tips
  • Video FAQ
  • Video Issues

360/Tour/Street View Photos

  • 360/Tour/Street View Photos
  • 360/Tour Photos Guidelines
  • How to Make and Add 360 Imagery/Tour for GBP
  • How to Change Business Street View (360) Photo
  • 360/Tour/Street View Photos FAQ
  • 360/Tour/Street View Photos Issues

Ancillary Sections

  • How to remove Photos, Videos or 360 Images

Google Business Profile Products & Services

GBP Products

  • Google Business Profile Product Editor & Product Catalog
  • Google Business Profile Product Guidelines
  • Add, Edit, Delete Products
  • Edit/Change Product Category Name
  • Products Live The Public Google Business Profile
  • GBP Product Extras, Optimizations and Tips
  • GBP Products FAQ
  • Google Business Profile Products Issues

GBP Services

  • Google Business Profile Services
  • Current GBP Services Editor: Add, Delete and Edit Services
  • Old Services Editor (Pre Nov 19)
  • Services on Your Public Business Profile
  • Google Business Profile Services Extras, Optimizations and Tips
  • Google Business Profile Services FAQ
  • Google Business Profile Services Issues

Google Business Profile Posts

GBP Posts

  • Google Business Profile Posts Section
  • Creating What’s New/Updates Posts
  • Creating Event Posts
  • Creating Offers Posts
  • Other Post types
  • Images/Videos on Google Business Profile Posts
  • Edit and Delete GBP Posts
  • GBP Posts Rejection and Guidelines
  • GBP Posts Public Display
  • GBP Posts Extras, Optimizations and Tips
  • Post ideas for your Business Profile
  • GBP Posts Insights
  • GBP Posts FAQ
  • Google Business Profile Posts Issues

Google Business Profile Performance/Insights Data

GBP Performance/Insights Data

  • Google Business Profile Insights
  • Google Business Profile Performance Report
  • How to use the Google Business Profile Metrics Data
  •  Performance/Insights Data Extras, Optimizations and Tips
  • Performance/Insights Data FAQ
  • Performance/Insights Issues

Google Reviews

Google Reviews Intro & Tour

  • Introduction to Reviews
  • Google Reviews in Your Google Business Profile
  • Google Reviews Public Profile Tour
  • Google Reviews on Local Search
  • Individual Google Reviews Tour
  • Other Google Reviews Public Features
  • Reviews Stats

Getting Google Reviews

  • Getting Google Reviews Intro
  • “Get Reviews” Objections Debunked 
  • Don’t Break These Rules When Getting Google Reviews
  • Getting More Reviews Ideas/Suggestions
  • Keywords on Google Reviews
  • Get a Direct Review Short Link
  • Extra Email Templates For Requesting Reviews

Responding to Google Reviews

  • Responding to Reviews Intro
  • How to Reply to Google Reviews
  • Responding to Positive Reviews
  • Responding to Negative Reviews
  • Responding to 3 stars Reviews

Remove Google Reviews

  • Removing Reviews Intro
  • Removing Bad/Negative Google Reviews (Not Fake Reviews)
  • Removing Fake Google Reviews
  • How Google Business Profile Reviews Workflow Tool Works
  • If You Can’t/Google Refuses to Remove Negative Reviews, what do?
  • How to Handle a Negative Review Attack

Google Reviews – Ancillary Sections

  • Google Reviews Extras, Optimizations and Tips
  • Google Review FAQs
  • Google Review Issues

Google Business Profile Management

Managing Users

  • Users Section Dashboard
  • Users Levels of access
  • How to Add Users to Google Business Profile
  • How to Remove Users Or Yourself from a Google Business Profile
  • How to Change User Roles on Google Business Profile
  • How to Change the Primary Owner or Transfer Ownership of a Google Business Profile
  • User Management Best Practices for Business Owners
  • What to Do If Someone Has Requested Ownership of the Google Business Profile?

Managing Locations

  • Manage, Add, Remove Locations

Account Settings

  • Managing Notifications and Language
  • How to recover my Google Business Profile Login Details
  • Sign in issues
  • How to Change the Email Used on Google Business Profile

GBP Support

  • Contact Support
  • Google Business Profile Support Tips and FAQ

GBP Duplicates

  • Duplicates Intro
  • How to Find Google Business Profile Duplicates
  • What To Do When You Have Duplicates
  • How to Remove Google Business Profile Duplicates
  • Location Marked as Duplicate Location in Your Account
  • How To Merge Google Business Profiles
  • How to Mark an Old Profile as Moved and Transfer Reviews
  • How Do You Check If a Google Business Profile is Unclaimed or Claimed?
  • Google Business Profile Duplicates Extras, Optimizations and Tips
  • Google Business Profile Duplicates FAQ
  • Google Business Profile Duplicates Issues

GBP Suspension

  • Google Business Profile Suspension/Disabled Intro
  • Google’s Suspensions Reasons
  • What Are the Common Reasons for Suspension and How to Solve
  • How to Prepare For Reinstatement
  • How To Fill The Reinstatement Form
  • After Submitting the Reinstatement Form
  • Google Business Profile Suspension Extras, Optimizations and Tips
  • Google Business Profile Suspension FAQ
  • Google Business Profile Suspension Issues

Ancillary Sections

  • Policies & Guidelines and 3rd Party Info
  • Get All Google Business Profile IDs
  • GBP Management Recommendations and Checklists
  • Scams affecting Google Business Profiles

GBP Engagement Features

GBP Messaging

  • Google Business Profile Messaging Intro
  • Google Business Profile Messaging on Your Public Profile
  • Google Business Profile Messaging Inbox
  • How to Turn On and Off Google Business Profile Messages
  • How Customers can message you through Google Business Profile
  • Responding to Customer Messages on Google Business Profile
  • Managing Google Business Profile Messages
  • “Get a Quote” and “Request a Booking” Buttons
  • Google Business Profile Messages Extras, Optimizations and Tips
  • Google Business Profile Messages FAQ
  • Google Business Profile Messages Issues

GBP Bookings

  • Booking with Google Business Profile
  • Appointment Links
  • Online Booking with Reserve with Google
  • Turning On/Off Online Booking with Reserve with Google
  • Managing Online Booking with Reserve with Google
  • Offer Your Services Online
  • How Customers Make Bookings Instructions


  • About The Followers Feature
  • Welcome Offer
  • Google Maps App Community Feed


  • Q&A Feature Intro
  • How to Reply to Q&As
  • Create a FAQ on Your Google Business Profile Q&A
  • How to Report Fake/Spam Q&As to Google
  • GBP Q&A Extras, Optimizations and Tips
  • GBP Q&A Issues
  • Question and Answer Policies to Follow

GBP Free Website

  • How to Create a Google Business Profile Free Website
  • How to Edit The Google Business Profile Free Website
  • Publishing The Google Business Profile Free Website
  • Google Business Profile Free Website Dissection
  • Google Business Profile Site Insights
  • Google Business Profile Site Extras, Optimizations and Tips
  • Google Business Profile Free Website FAQ
  • Google Business Profile Site Issues

Other GBP Features

  • Google Assistant/Duplex
  • Google Business Profile Marketing Kit
  • Video Maker

GBP Algorithm, Ranking and Optimization

GBP Ranking & Algorithm

  • Google Local Algorithm Intro
  • Core Local Algorithm Factors In Detail
  • Google Business Profile Stronger Ranking Signals
  • How To Rank At The Top
  • Local Factors Reports
  • Benefits of Ranking on the Local Google 3-Pack

GBP Optimization

  • Optimization for Ranking
  • Optimization for Click to Rate (CTR), Leads, Conversions

GBP Audit

  • Audit Your GBP Profile Checklist

Spam Fighting

  • Google Business Profile Spam Intro
  • What are the most common types of spam/fake profiles on Google
  • Find Spam/Fake Google Business Profiles
  • How to Report Spam/Fake Google Business Profiles
  • GBP Spam and Fake FAQ

Google Business Profile Supplementary

GBP Supplementary Sections

  • Social Media Connections on Your Google Business Profile
  • Adding UTM Tracking
  • Justifications
  • Jargon

Google Business Profile Q&A Sessions

Q&A Sessions

New Topics Coming on 2022/3

Apple Maps

Local SEO Optimisations


GBP Specialist Features