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Google Business Profile Intro, Setup & Verification


  • Introduction
  • Google Business Profile Facts
  • Live Google Search Google Business Profile Tour
  • Live Google Map Google Business Profile Tour
  • Google Business Profile Manager Tour

GBP Setup Process

  • Google Business Profile Setup Process Intro
  • Check if you already have a profile or create a new one
  • How to claim a Google Business Profile if someone already claimed it
  • Creating a Google Business Profile Account
  • “Find and manage your business” Step
  • “Start building your Business Profile” Step
  • Address/Business Type
  • Storefront Business Setup Path
  • Service Area Business Setup Path
  • Hybrid Business Setup
  • Verification Step and Customization Step
  • Google Business Profile Setup FAQ
  • Google Business Profile Setup Issues

GBP Verification

  • Verification Options
  • You requested a postcard, what will happen next
  • Where to put the verification code
  • What to do if you don’t receive the verification code
  • Verification FAQ
  • Verification Issues

Google Business Profile Business Details

Info Section Intro

  • Info Section Intro Notes

Business Name

  • What Business Name you should use
  • Adding Keywords to your GBP Business Name
  • How to Change The Business Name On GBP
  • Business names and Individual Practitioners
  • Business Name Issues
  • Business Name FAQ


  • What Are Google Business Profile Categories?
  • How to choose your Google Business Profile Categories
  • The Category is not available
  • How to Add or Edit Categories
  • Categories Tips and Strategies
  • Google Business Profile Categories FAQ
  • Google Business Profile Categories Issues


  • Business Address Intro
  • Address Guidelines
  • How to Add or Edit Your Address
  • If Your Address Cannot Be Found
  • How to Clear The address To Hide It
  • Located In Feature
  • How To Change Map Pin Location on Google Maps
  • How Can The Address Influence Your Profile Ranking?
  • Google Business Profile Address Issues
  • GBP Address FAQ

Service Areas

  • Service Areas
  • Service Areas Guidelines
  • How To Add One or More Service area(s)
  • How to Remove One or More Service Area
  • Service Areas and Ranking
  • Service Areas FAQ
  • Services Areas Issues
  • Services Areas Extras, Optimizations and Tips

GBP Hours

  • Hours, More & Special Hours Intro
  • “Hours” – Operating hours
  • How to Add/Change Hours
  • How to Set Breaks
  • How to Set Up 24-hour Business Hours
  • “More Hours”
  • How to Set “More hours”
  • “Special Hours and Holidays”
  • How to use Special hours
  • By Appointment Only Hours
  • Hours, More hours and Special Hours Extras, Optimizations and Tips
  • Hours, More hours and Special Hours FAQ
  • Hours, More hours and Special Hours Issues

Phone Number

  • Phone Numbers
  • Phone Number Guidelines
  • How to Add and Change Phone number(s)
  • Phone Number Extras, Optimizations and Tips
  • Phone Number FAQ
  • Phone Number Issues

Short Name

  • Short name

Local Links

  • Local Links
  • Website Link and How To Add /Edit
  • Action Local Links: Appointment, Menu, Order, Reservations Links
  • Place an Order Links
  • Local Links Extras, Optimizations and Tips
  • Local Links FAQ
  • Local Links Issues


  • Google Business Profile Attributes
  • Objective Attributes (Editable)
  • Subjective Attributes
  • Attributes Extras, Optimizations and Tips
  • Attributes FAQ
  • Attributes Issues

Business Description

  • Business Description
  • Business Description Guidelines
  • Business Description Extras, Optimizations, Tips
  • How to Add/Edit Business Description
  • Business Description Issues

Opening Date

  • Opening Date
  • How to Set Opening Date
  • Years in Business Feature
  • Using Opening Date Before Opening The Business

Close Reopen Section

  • Close/Reopen this business on Google Section
  • Mark As Temporarily Closed
  • Mark As Permanently Closed
  • Mark As Open
  • Remove Listing

Google Assistant

  • Google Assistant Calls

Advanced Information

  • Advanced Information

Google Business Profile Photos and Videos

Photos & Videos Intro

  • Photos, Videos and Google Business Profile
  • Photos Types


  • Logo
  • Logo Guidelines and Size Recommendation
  • How to Add/Change the Logo
  • Logo Extras, Optimizations and Tips
  • Logo FAQ
  • Logo Issues

Cover Photo

  • Cover Photo
  • Cover Photo Guidelines and Recommendations
  • How to add/change the Cover Photo
  • Cover Photo Extras, Optimizations and Tips
  • Cover Photo FAQ
  • Cover Photo Issues 

Business Photos

  • GBP Business-specific Photos
  • Business Photos Guidelines and Recommendations
  • How to Add/Upload Business Photos
  • Business Photos Extras, Optimizations and Tips
  • Business Photos FAQ
  • Business Photos Issues
  • Photo Insights/Metrics
  • How to Get Customer to Upload Photos


  • Videos on Google Business Profile
  • Video Guidelines and Recommendations
  • How to Add/Upload Videos
  • Video Extras, Optimizations and Tips
  • Video FAQ
  • Video Issues

360/Tour/Street View Photos

  • 360/Tour/Street View Photos
  • 360/Tour Photos Guidelines
  • How to Make and Add 360 Imagery/Tour for GBP
  • How to Change Business Street View (360) Photo
  • 360/Tour/Street View Photos FAQ
  • 360/Tour/Street View Photos Issues

Ancillary Sections

  • How to remove Photos, Videos or 360 Images

Google Business Profile Products & Services

GBP Products

  • Google Business Profile Product Editor & Product Catalog
  • Google Business Profile Product Guidelines
  • Add, Edit, Delete Products
  • Edit/Change Product Category Name
  • Products Live The Public Google Business Profile
  • GBP Product Extras, Optimizations and Tips
  • GBP Products FAQ
  • Google Business Profile Products Issues

GBP Services

  • Google Business Profile Services
  • Current GBP Services Editor: Add, Delete and Edit Services
  • Old Services Editor (Pre Nov 19)
  • Services on Your Public Business Profile
  • Google Business Profile Services Extras, Optimizations and Tips
  • Google Business Profile Services FAQ
  • Google Business Profile Services Issues

Google Business Profile Posts

GBP Posts

  • Google Business Profile Posts Section
  • Creating What’s New/Updates Posts
  • Creating Event Posts
  • Creating Offers Posts
  • Other Post types
  • Images/Videos on Google Business Profile Posts
  • Edit and Delete GBP Posts
  • GBP Posts Rejection and Guidelines
  • GBP Posts Public Display
  • GBP Posts Extras, Optimizations and Tips
  • Post ideas for your Business Profile
  • GBP Posts Insights
  • GBP Posts FAQ
  • Google Business Profile Posts Issues

Google Business Profile Performance/Insights Data

GBP Performance/Insights Data

  • Google Business Profile Insights
  • Google Business Profile Performance Report
  • How to use the Google Business Profile Metrics Data
  •  Performance/Insights Data Extras, Optimizations and Tips
  • Performance/Insights Data FAQ
  • Performance/Insights Issues

Google Reviews

Google Reviews Intro & Tour

  • Introduction to Reviews
  • Google Reviews in Your Google Business Profile
  • Google Reviews Public Profile Tour
  • Google Reviews on Local Search
  • Individual Google Reviews Tour
  • Other Google Reviews Public Features
  • Reviews Stats

Getting Google Reviews

  • Getting Google Reviews Intro
  • “Get Reviews” Objections Debunked 
  • Don’t Break These Rules When Getting Google Reviews
  • Getting More Reviews Ideas/Suggestions
  • Keywords on Google Reviews
  • Get a Direct Review Short Link
  • Extra Email Templates For Requesting Reviews

Responding to Google Reviews

  • Responding to Reviews Intro
  • How to Reply to Google Reviews
  • Responding to Positive Reviews
  • Responding to Negative Reviews
  • Responding to 3 stars Reviews

Remove Google Reviews

  • Removing Reviews Intro
  • Removing Bad/Negative Google Reviews (Not Fake Reviews)
  • Removing Fake Google Reviews
  • How Google Business Profile Reviews Workflow Tool Works
  • If You Can’t/Google Refuses to Remove Negative Reviews, what do?
  • How to Handle a Negative Review Attack

Google Reviews – Ancillary Sections

  • Google Reviews Extras, Optimizations and Tips
  • Google Review FAQs
  • Google Review Issues

Google Business Profile Management

Managing Users

  • Users Section Dashboard
  • Users Levels of access
  • How to Add Users to Google Business Profile
  • How to Remove Users Or Yourself from a Google Business Profile
  • How to Change User Roles on Google Business Profile
  • How to Change the Primary Owner or Transfer Ownership of a Google Business Profile
  • User Management Best Practices for Business Owners
  • What to Do If Someone Has Requested Ownership of the Google Business Profile?

Managing Locations

  • Manage, Add, Remove Locations

Account Settings

  • Managing Notifications and Language
  • How to recover my Google Business Profile Login Details
  • Sign in issues
  • How to Change the Email Used on Google Business Profile

GBP Support

  • Contact Support
  • Google Business Profile Support Tips and FAQ

GBP Duplicates

  • Duplicates Intro
  • How to Find Google Business Profile Duplicates
  • What To Do When You Have Duplicates
  • How to Remove Google Business Profile Duplicates
  • Location Marked as Duplicate Location in Your Account
  • How To Merge Google Business Profiles
  • How to Mark an Old Profile as Moved and Transfer Reviews
  • How Do You Check If a Google Business Profile is Unclaimed or Claimed?
  • Google Business Profile Duplicates Extras, Optimizations and Tips
  • Google Business Profile Duplicates FAQ
  • Google Business Profile Duplicates Issues

GBP Suspension

  • Google Business Profile Suspension/Disabled Intro
  • Google’s Suspensions Reasons
  • What Are the Common Reasons for Suspension and How to Solve
  • How to Prepare For Reinstatement
  • How To Fill The Reinstatement Form
  • After Submitting the Reinstatement Form
  • Google Business Profile Suspension Extras, Optimizations and Tips
  • Google Business Profile Suspension FAQ
  • Google Business Profile Suspension Issues

Ancillary Sections

  • Policies & Guidelines and 3rd Party Info
  • Get All Google Business Profile IDs
  • GBP Management Recommendations and Checklists
  • Scams affecting Google Business Profiles

GBP Engagement Features

GBP Messaging

  • Google Business Profile Messaging Intro
  • Google Business Profile Messaging on Your Public Profile
  • Google Business Profile Messaging Inbox
  • How to Turn On and Off Google Business Profile Messages
  • How Customers can message you through Google Business Profile
  • Responding to Customer Messages on Google Business Profile
  • Managing Google Business Profile Messages
  • “Get a Quote” and “Request a Booking” Buttons
  • Google Business Profile Messages Extras, Optimizations and Tips
  • Google Business Profile Messages FAQ
  • Google Business Profile Messages Issues

GBP Bookings

  • Booking with Google Business Profile
  • Appointment Links
  • Online Booking with Reserve with Google
  • Turning On/Off Online Booking with Reserve with Google
  • Managing Online Booking with Reserve with Google
  • Offer Your Services Online
  • How Customers Make Bookings Instructions


  • About The Followers Feature
  • Welcome Offer
  • Google Maps App Community Feed


  • Q&A Feature Intro
  • How to Reply to Q&As
  • Create a FAQ on Your Google Business Profile Q&A
  • How to Report Fake/Spam Q&As to Google
  • GBP Q&A Extras, Optimizations and Tips
  • GBP Q&A Issues
  • Question and Answer Policies to Follow

GBP Free Website

  • How to Create a Google Business Profile Free Website
  • How to Edit The Google Business Profile Free Website
  • Publishing The Google Business Profile Free Website
  • Google Business Profile Free Website Dissection
  • Google Business Profile Site Insights
  • Google Business Profile Site Extras, Optimizations and Tips
  • Google Business Profile Free Website FAQ
  • Google Business Profile Site Issues

Other GBP Features

  • Google Assistant/Duplex
  • Google Business Profile Marketing Kit
  • Video Maker

GBP Algorithm, Ranking and Optimization

GBP Ranking & Algorithm

  • Google Local Algorithm Intro
  • Core Local Algorithm Factors In Detail
  • Google Business Profile Stronger Ranking Signals
  • How To Rank At The Top
  • Local Factors Reports
  • Benefits of Ranking on the Local Google 3-Pack

GBP Optimization

  • Optimization for Ranking
  • Optimization for Click to Rate (CTR), Leads, Conversions

GBP Audit

  • Audit Your GBP Profile Checklist

Spam Fighting

  • Google Business Profile Spam Intro
  • What are the most common types of spam/fake profiles on Google
  • Find Spam/Fake Google Business Profiles
  • How to Report Spam/Fake Google Business Profiles
  • GBP Spam and Fake FAQ

Google Business Profile Supplementary

GBP Supplementary Sections

  • Social Media Connections on Your Google Business Profile
  • Adding UTM Tracking
  • Justifications
  • Jargon

Google Business Profile Q&A Sessions

Q&A Sessions

New Topics Coming on 2022

Apple Maps

Local SEO Optimisations


GBP Specialist Features