How To Appeal If Google Has Denied Your Google Business Profile Reinstatement Request

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How To Appeal If Google Has Denied Your Google Business Profile Reinstatement Request

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If Google denies your request to reinstate your suspended or disabled business profile, you can appeal!

I’ll go through the appeals process to reinstate your Google Business profile.

Google Business profile Appeal Process For Denied Reinstatements

This is Google’s advice on the help page when it comes to appealing a denied request:
If your reinstatement request is denied, we may be able to prove your eligibility. Reply to the email that let you know your appeal was denied with:

  • Pictures of the front of the store
  • Summary of business operations

Let’s unpack the advice, the email they are talking about is the one that Google support sent with the denied reinstatement request (similar to the example above), so you need to reply to that email to appeal.

Then they ask to send with the email, pictures of the front of the business (store, shop, office, workshop, etc). Usually 3 photos from different angles are enough.

If your business profile has a hidden address and there is no storefront, in other words it’s a service area business, you might be worried because Google’s advice doesn’t seem to apply to your situation, but this is a case of omission by Google, as you can send photos of the vehicle you use to meet your customers.

Also, in the email you mention how your business operates and deal with clients.

However, before you do this, find out what the issues/reasons are for the reinstatement denial by reviewing the guidelines again and correct the issues.

Google Business Profile Reinstatement Denied Appeal Steps

  1. Check the guidelines again
  2. Reply to the denial email
    • Advise you are requesting to appeal
    • Describe your business operations (what you do
    • Attach the photos of your storefront or vehicle
  3. Wait for Google’s Decision

What to Expected After Appealing

You should receive a response to your appeal within 24-72 hours, sometimes they will reply by asking you to contact the specialist team, or they will reinstate the profile or deny it again.

If you want I can help you! I am a Google Business Profile Product Expert and a specialist in reinstating suspended/disabled profiles and have reinstated over 700 listings

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