Google Business Profile Suspended/Reinstatement Bugs & Errors

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Google Business Profile Suspended/Reinstatement Bugs & Errors

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Google Business Profile Suspension After Reinstatement Issue

Some businesses are getting suspended, reinstated, and then immediately suspended again, so in a “Suspension/Reinstatement Loop”. Leaving users unable to request a new reinstatement as Support thinks you have filed a reinstatement request… Several businesses have been suspended for over 2 months and counting.

This is a known technical issue. Google is aware and working on fixing it.

What can you do?

Contact Google Business Profile Support about this issue.

Google Owner User Account Suspended

Google Business Profile Suspensions Spiking Because Of Bug (Fixed)

From the last week of September to the last week of October, there was a jump in Google Business Profiles suspended. Even small edits were suspending profiles, for example making changes to the URL or operating hours.

Google confirmed it was a bug and rolled out a fix on Friday, October 21st.

Google Business Profile Suspension Attacks

There have been reports of malicious actions against Google Business Profiles, resulting in recurrent profile suspensions.

These attacks are currently constricted to highly competitive industries but could easily go mainstream.

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