Google Business Profile Reinstatement Form

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Google Business Profile Reinstatement Form

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Many business owners and professionals reflexively after their business profile was suspended or disabled submit the Google Business Profile Reinstatement Form without thinking. It’s also not uncommon for the profile owners to panic, remove the profile and create a new one. 

These are terrible mistakes because it risks the loss of all the content (photos, videos, reviews) associated with the profile. But if the profile is successfully reinstated, all the content and ranking will typically return within 72 hours.

Once you’re sure your profile is error-free, you can submit a reinstatement but filling a reinstatement form correctly is very important to get your profile reinstated. Incorrectly filled may prevent you from being reinstated or it takes much longer.

If you need assistance with the reinstatement form, I can help you through my GBP Reinstatement Service.

Reinstatement Request Questions

When you go to the reinstatement form, you will be asked a series of basic questions.

This question is always the first question:

How you answer each question determines the next question you are asked.

Reinstatement Request Form

After you answered all the questions, the reinstatement request form appears:

My last tip, before filling this form, just make sure your profile is compliant and take a deep breath.

Hope it helps

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