Google Business Profile Suspension Attacks

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Google Business Profile Suspension Attacks

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There have been reports of malicious actions against Google Business Profiles, resulting in recurrent profile suspensions.

These attacks are currently constricted to highly competitive industries but could easily go mainstream.

What is happening

You notice your Google Business Profile has been suspended or disabled, you submit the reinstatement form, and then your profile is reinstated. Good, everything looks normal, but…

After 1 month your profile gets suspended again, you think it’s strange but could be some residual issue, so you ask reinstatement again and once again you get reinstated.

Then after a few weeks your GBP profile is suspended once again, so you contact a Google Business Profile Expert like me, because this is not normal! At this stage, the issue is most likely to be the suspension/reinstatement loop bug, we request reinstatement, I advise Google Support that you have been reinstated a couple of times in the last few months to check if your profile has been affected by the known issue. Again, Google reinstates your profile.

If your GBP profile is suspended for the fourth time and you are following all the guidelines, we start to suspect that something else is going on…

How do I know my GBP is under attack

There is no way to confirm if your profile is being being attacked other than suspicion. If you start to get suspended almost every month of course you will have to start to suspect that you have been affected.

How they do it

I know how they do it, but I won’t go into detail because I don’t want more spammers to know how.

What can I do

Unfortunately, Google Support is not currently able to help you or determine whether this suspension issue is affecting your profile. If this becomes widespread, Google will set up a team to deal with these attacks.

Until then, there is no solution other than to try to reinstate until Google support starts asking you to create a new profile, which you should not do as this will make you lose your reviews and destroy your ranking on Google as it will create a new CID.

If you need help from a seasoned professional, you can check out at my specialist service: Google Business Profile Suspended/Disabled Consultancy.

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