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“Google My Business Local Business Reinstatement Request” allows attachments

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“Google My Business Local Business Reinstatement Request” allows attachments

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Hopefully, you will never get your business suspended by Google. But if that happens and after you corrected your listing or made sure you didn’t break any rules, you need to ask the reinstatement of your listing.

Until recently, you could not add attachments to the form and many times businesses wanted to provide proof like business licences, professional licenses, business frontage photos, etc for a quick resolution of the suspension.

Conclusion on this Google My Business Update

Great to see Google is taking on board feedback from businesses and professionals. Many times during the reinstatement process, Google Support would ask for proofs (business licences, professional licenses, business frontage/van photos, etc), delaying the reinstatement process.

When businesses get suspended,  their listings can disappear from public view and/or not able to respond to reviews, make changes, create posts, etc. So the longer it takes to lift the suspension more affected will the business be.

Therefore, I am hopeful this change will make the process smoother and quicker. Just in case you are interested, I created a comprehensive Suspension and Reinstatement Guide in GBPedia, a great help to reinstate your profile successfully.

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