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Giving Small Local Businesses A Fighting Chance

I teach Small Local Businesses how to use Marketing to thrive and attract loyal clients

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It’s not an overstatement to say that local businesses are the life force of our communities. 

First, they are responsible for up to 80% of our economic output and jobs.  Also, they play a vital role in our safety and wellbeing, and even our democracy, as compelling evidence shows that communities with thriving local businesses have lower rates of crime and poverty and  higher rates of giving, volunteering, and voting.

In the last 25 years, small local businesses, both retail and services, have been under threat from shopping centres, retail parks, big chains and most recently, online competition like Amazon, lead gen companies, spammers and online services. They have and continue to decimate town centres and local owned shops and service providers in UK and Ireland.

And that’s precisely why we must act. Now. 

How? Through knowledge, learning how to thrive in today’s business environment.

However, there is too much “noise” on the web, with many articles, videos, guides, courses, podcasts across websites, social media platforms, forums etc, and to make matters worse, there is so much information available online at any given time which isn’t useful and/or accurate. The internet has made everyone an “expert”. As a result, there is so much inaccurate content out there.

 Last year before Covid-19, I realised that I had to do something about it! So I sold my profitable local marketing agency.

A dumb thing to do? Financially, probably. But personally, it’s the best thing I ever did.

Now with COVID-19, my mission is even more important as we’re on the verge of losing literally millions of these businesses. I cannot stay aside whilst I am watching small local businesses getting trashed by the pandemic, so I am more determined than ever.

What am I doing?

I am using my professional knowledge and extended experience to teach local marketing to Small Local Businesses through practical, easy to understand, easy to follow, unbiased and efficient training, focusing on those tasks you really need to know and knowledge you must have. My knowledge sharing is delivered through articles, guides, podcasts, videos and courses. You can check my plan, it will show you the learning themes I am using to create learning content. 

Why Small Local Businesses?

My family always had various local businesses, and in my opinion, nothing compares to the passion Small Local business owners have for their products/services and their local communities.

If you are a local business owner, I salute you. As local businesses like yours are at the heart of our communities, at the core of thriving neighbourhoods.

When local businesses thrive, we all do!

Whom do I seek to serve?

All of  my “stuff” is for those small local businesses that are passionate about what they do and passionate about their local area – village, town, city, neighbourhood.

If you do not fit in this description!  Sorry but my “stuff” is not for you.

How Marketing will help your Small Local Business?

It’s tempting to think that just running your business and providing good customer service is enough. Marketing is just for big corporations with big budgets, right?

 The truth is that every small local business needs Marketing for the long-term survival of the business, regardless of whether you have the skills needed or not. 

Let’s be clear, Marketing is not advertising (advertising is just a small part of it), marketing is present in everything your business does.  Marketing is present in areas like pricing, how you deal with clients, how the shop/office looks, how you feel, how clients feel… just to name a few. 

As Marketing is the process of creating opportunities for clients to engage with your business, therefore creating opportunities to sell your products/services. 

You can even have the best products or services than your competition but you need potential clients to be aware of them, and the likelihood that customers will find your offer without creating engagement opportunities is, to say the least, very small. Making the job easier for your competition. And without enough customers, there is no profit, no business.

Marketing doesn’t have to be hard or time-consuming. I will show you how to use Marketing to thrive and attract loyal clients with less time and effort.